Well here we are at the new page of requested Music or Albums?!!


Well letís start it off with these albums!!! Donít forget to support the Artists/groups wherever and whenever you can.


Lara Fabian Ė a Wonderfull Life

I have had a brief listen and seems good stuff.

The late Great Lonnie Donegan AnthologyThis is a cracker great music and a great laugh so make sure you are not eating when you listen to it else you may choke with laughter.!!


Staind - The Singles 1996-2006


STAIND-(2003) 14 Shades Of Grey


Well what on earth is this all about??!! The Bear has been asked for some stuff and here it is!!


The BEAR must and does state that The Bear is only responsible for hosting the material not for the content of the download.


Hope you all enjoy this page.


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