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The pages on this site are accurate according to the experiences, tribulations and strivings of The Bear.We will be covering places to eat in and around Stockport, those places that will accept people with access needs ie, guide dogs, wheelchair access and in general places that are as welcoming to people with these needs as without.


Great places to eat in Stockport and the surrounding areas


Also information on sight needs, where to get help and support for those who suffer themselves and also their families and friends how to cope and deal with and the ever ongoing struggle the individuals affected have on a daily basis.Dont forget to wonder back here and support the Bearwww.rnib.org


Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the work place This page is for folk who think or know they are having issues in their work place and require information or assistance.


Some very good mp3 ring tones


Some simple humourous jokes and Ditties


Useful downloadsVarious collection of programs


Wanted MusicThis is a must if you love your music, Present?, Old and Great music plus Albums of varying types. Just take a look!!


Wanted books Also including Audio Books from various Authors


Holidays vids and pics of some great places and sights in the world


The Bearís Magical Christmas Album In two volumes, Magical Christmas Vol 1 and 2 It is most deffo a number one download.


Some superb song lyrics


Employment law Ė informationThis mainly focuses on Equality law and there will be more on Employment Law for all.


Easy to Read Legal Rights. The BEAR is trying to provide information for peopleís rights and understanding of the LAW how to use it and how it should be used. Have a look it is interesting!


MBís page

My God Daughterís Christenig Amelia Mary Stot


Are you interested in health? Healthy living and/or natural healing? If so have a look at this page. Fabulous and great advice also.††† Terrific stuff.Health


Are you looking for information on security systems, cctv? Intruder Alarms? In the old days,! (Gurgler alarm) or access control video and accress pads or fobs with the access panels then please have a look atexperts in their field and so very genuine www.squareonefs.com/



Where service is number one and the products used are first class.Remember you get what you pay for, if you want a cheap cctv system which will show images then buy cheap, if you want a cctv cystem which will show you the dimple on a chin or an eyelash out of place then pay good money for a good system and get the little blighters, dimples and all.†† The more mega pixels on the cctv camera the better your pic will be as there will be a much higher depth of picture.So do things properly folks and secure yourselves, your property and letís start to grab these urchinswhom are causing lots of problems.†† Paypal also accepted.Using paypal credit if you have signed up to that terrific feature of paypal you are now able to pay using Paypal Credit and you will be protected in the same mannor as paying with a Credit Card, though you may acquire 4 months interest free to pay back your paypal purchase.Fabulous stuff. And whilst having that freedom and security of payment why not use this service from Charles Knight to acquire top products, first class installation and servicing options.



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Stuff coming soon on surveillancein general, the workplace, covering covert and surveillancein general


Information on surveillance


More coming soon


If you require to contact the bear please feel free to do so for advice, broken links on the website? Or if you have any sugggestions for what you would like to see on the Bearís pages.




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