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The Bear has got time on his hands now and as such is looking for work.  So in the meantime, I am attempting to provide materials for people to read which are already free on the Internet, though some people find it difficult to find the right stuff, so here we go with hopefully a plethora of fab reads, to aid people through times of strife and to provide a little information on rights and so on.  These readings will be mainly legal buster documents on this page, Your rights within those documents and just useful stuff to know or easy at hand info. 


Due to troubles and strivings of the BEAR this year, he has had to be finding much out to aid and guide his journey through dark times, but yet here we go to help others who may be heading down the same paths, no one to help the BEAR but as usual, help is here, Thanks to the BEAR’S generocity of providing such help and information. 


We will cover a range of topics on this page, from Court room rights, Judicial rights, behaviours and more. 


If you are a Litigant in Person and you are looking for guidance and assistance, then WELCOME, take your time and read as help is at hand. 


Let’s start off with


Litigant’s in Person  a horrifyingly terrific read, just when you may or may not have realised how dubious the field of law is.  Stay a step ahead of the BLIGHTERS!!!


Litigant’s in Person notes for Lawyers??   Worth a read also.  Well if you are a LiP? Then all these are very very useful, I forget how many USEFULS there are, have a read and digest and make your notes and see how devious, corrupt, against both the Litigant in person the Judiciary and their own code of conduct?.  Read and find out for yourselves. 


Solicitors Regulatory Authority Solicitors Code of Conduct?  This is in word in .Doc format.  Fabulous stuff read Chapter 11 wow wow wow.!!!


Solicitors Regulatory Authority hanbook-handbookSelection (1).pdf This may be in word, or pdf however it is a must read make notes as yu are churning your way through these handbooks, they are excellent.


Solicitors Regulatory Authority Introduction Handbook-handbookSelection.docx


Solicitors Regulatory Authority pre-amble-handbook-handbookSelection (2).docx


Well now here we go.  If you are a LiP? (Litigant in Person) then ensure you have all the facts, case history, emails, absolutely everything you will need and require to win your case. 


Then it is imperative to prepare your documents, as a LiP you will have and be given a preparation guideline though the documentation preparation does not necessarily have to be prepared as per “legally qualified professionals”?! 


Then it is imperative that as a LiP, one ensures that the Respondent(s) and/or their appointed Representatives abide by the codes as set down in their handbooks and in conjuction with the code of conduct and practice between parties and the Court(s).  for example (Rule II) which is all about the cooperation between all parties with each other and the Court(s). 


However, it is up to the LiPs to enforce this, as the Governing body for Solicitors, the SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority) are absolutely hopeless in enforcing their own breath let alone their own policies and procedures. 


The Bear referred a case to the S.R.A. for their investigation for professional negligence, discrimination and victimisation under the preparation of papers by the Representatives was wholly inadequate as the papers were not accessible as there are sight problems in this matter, and the papers were poor quality, hole punches through letters, postit notes stuck all over the papers, further more hand written matterials, all of which do not make happy times for people who cannot see as hand written matterials will not scan through an Optical Character Recognition Program otherwise known as an OCR package.   The S.R.A. were hopeless and did not want to know.  So for sight impaired folk wishing to take an employment claim against their employer ensure that all correspondence is accessible.  This is not only discriminatory under the Equality Act 2010  it is also against the practices of the S.R.A. hand books.  More over, the ethics of the legal system come into play and the issue of equal information for all parties.    One may also allude to the practice to bring the legal system in to disrepute in it’s entirety as unfair provision of information and the provision of papers, will automatically lead to an unfair trial, and therefore the Representatives seemingly bringing the Judicial system in to question and disrepute. 


The best place I suggest for help on unfair treatment by Solicitors then would be in my opinion the Press, get them involved and vuuum hit the blighters hard quick and take no prisoners. 



The rest will be here over weekend.  Come back and learn what the BEAR has been upto and what he or she as the BEAR may be learning!! 


If however you are reading this and you require assistance, though not qualified assistance then you can email the Bear and assistance will be forthcoming, it will of course be YOU’RE part to follow the assistance up with your own QUALIFIED ADVICE though seemingly this may be expensive and not what it should be . 



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