Well here we go and a very big welcome to my GREATEST HITS page


For some old, new?,! Great, Fantastic, maybe shere dross, but have a look and enjoy!!  Please remember to support the Artist(s) where ever possible.



A-ha - Greatest Hits Have a listen, and get that party going!!


Chicago okay!


Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits [1988] Crackin!!!! Have a listen.


INXS - The Greatest Hits (1994) (320 mp3) not for me but enjoy


Journey - (2003) Greatest Hits 1978-1997 DVD-Rip Definitely worth a listen FABULOUS!!!!


Starship - Greatest Hits [1979 - 1991] Have a listen and don’t forget “We built this City on Rock and Roll”!.  Fantastic


ZZ Top - Greatest Hits I think this just speaks for itself. Brill, have a listen


More coming soon


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