Here you will find some very useful downloads, Adobe, the accessible for screen readers version which I think is a good one.


Adobe Reader 9 full with accessible option for visually impaired


Adobe Reader 10.2.1which is supposed to have the accessibility features built in


Adobe Photoshop 6 with serial numberOld program but still very good and useful.Also free!!!


Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.0 NL I havenít used this program but I understand it is a good one, it is about 1.2gb so will take some time to download.Enjoy


Avs video converter with patchThis a great program for ripping dvds and burning dvds, have a go it is free and full!!


Avast 8 free for home users if this is as good as Avastfree anti-vvirus from years ago it will be fab.


BitLord1.1 Torrent download program


To test the speed of your C.P.U.



Clone DVD 4.35With serial


Clone CD 4.06 With Instructions and Keygen


disk keeper 8 pro dkpp-stealth again, I know nothing about this program but by itís name disk keeper I think it might be to deal with disk drives and their maintenance. Try it, read the instructions and enjoy.


DVD-Cloner Platinum.v9.40 I think this is self explanatory for complete cloning of dvdís try it and read the instructions.


DOXPSETUPThis is a must if you have old Microsoft works files and you wish to convert them to use in Word 7, 10 and above.It is a little gem and totally free.Thanks to the developer of this little beauty.(a huge thanks to Microsoft for help, not) no works converters, no nothing, update to converter 6-9, well if anyone can find that please do let me know.††† This program is so easy to use, just install, locate the file to convert, highlight the file, click convert first choosing the program to use in the future click convert and hey presto bobís away!!! Hours I spent researching for Microsoft fix or programs and then the top of the list a little beauty.


DVD-REPAIR It would seem that this will repair the non dvd in windows. Try it it is free and may well work.!!†† This is a gem to recover, determine, or even locate and install dvd drivers and let them work and be seen.Superb stuff and very easy.


Bbc real one player


FileFormatConverters for office 2003 to 2007


Free UndeleteThis is so easy to use It is fabulous, easy and accurate try it.


Highjack this ††havenít a clue about this program


Kill boxagain not a clue about this program never used it


Nokia Updater This updates firm ware


Paint Shop Pro 7Crackin bit of kit, all free!


Jaws 64 bitplease read the instruction file for completion and letís hope it works!!


Jaws 15 This is a great program and works. Please follow instructions which are provided


Sibelius 5.1 Not a clue about this program think it is for music and ssounds!!!!


Magnification program good! Good and very good!

Please read the readme file carefully and follow instructions


Make your screen easier to read with m9



Office 2003 with individual setups for each part of Office!!! I have not tried this lot but you have nothing to lose,! It is free!!!!!


Office 2003 Professional fabulous and works. Serial number in a file named serial number


Microsoft Office Pro 2007 Complete Version Incl CD Key Grand! Works if you like Office 2007 and itís looks then grab it.


Office 2007 KeyGen to generate your office 2007 serial number


office 2010 pro 64 bit with keys 64 Bit not sure? Think there may be serials in this file and/or a keygen.Try it, it costs you nothing.


office 2010 pro with keys 32 bit 32 Bit again try this for 32 bit machines.


Outlook Express for Windows 7This is simple and Great to use for an Email Client.


Microsoft Office 2010 Activator(All Versions)-ANM This is a fab bit of kit and works.Grab it and use, use, use it.!I guess you may be able to use this on Microsoft Office 2013ís version too.


Microsoft Toolkit This is for Office 2013 and I guess will work with Office 2010.


Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 beta1


Microsoft Toolkit 2.60


Microsoft Toolkit 2.63 I am summising though I do not guaranty that this will work with office2016 .However they are free and worth a try if office 2016 floats your boat!The mor advanced Microsoft office goes, the more inaccessible for visually impaired people who use the keyboard totally for use with programs, may be one day We will wake these lazy programmers sit up and take notice.





Microsoft office 2013†† This is fab and a great version of office.You will have to spend a little time with it setting the program up as to how you wish it to look and work easy peasy just click word, then click file or alt-f go to options and set everything up from there.And so on in excel and which other elements you wish to use.Most of this is friendly to JAWS users it is most importantly free Ė full Ė and please please do not forget to support the creator of the suite.Thanks and happy, happy, days, remember to support Microsoft programs.


Paragon - Hard Disk Manager 2010 Professional (Build 9369) I know nothing about this program so cannot advise, I assume it is all about managing hard drives hard disks, and the like, this may or may not include the management of SDS hard drives, which are fabulous. Try it if this floats your boat and read instructions and manual.Thanks again this is a monster file. About 1.16gb


Tune-Up-Utilities 2015a Fabulous piece of Kit try it and buy it willbe the best £25 or if you can get it cheaper well worth it.


Nero 10 with Serial number†† Great program for burning cds, dvds, and lots lots more. It is free try it!


Nero Multimedia Suite Platinum v11.0


NORTON PARTITION MAGIC 8.05For resizing and messing with hard drives. Only use this programme if you know what you are doing!! Thanks

Serial number provided


R-Drive Image 4.7 Build 4710 + Serial ĖTrT Know nothing about this just read the documentation that comes with it, it is for imaging your hard drive, try it there are several programs on this page for such a job if you donít like this one.Another one to try is the Partition Magic 8 to create your dos boot disks which are usb and mouse supported and then you can manage your hard drives, and possibly SDS hard drives.Thanks


Tune-Up-2013fabulous program for once guys you will have to buy this wonderful and powerful kit but vvery well worth it.


Easeus Partition Master free for home use Please leave this program alone unless you know what you are doing with partitioning, resizing, and general maintenance on local hard drives.If you know what you are doing I believe it is a great bit of kit!!.


Windows messenger and messenger and messenger live password recovery tool It is simple to use and superb and freeware

Just open the zip and click the .exe file and hey presto your account information displayed.

Windows XP Service Pack 2


Windows Service Pack 3


windows xp malware removal tool 2.8


Windows repair tool for vistaThis is supposed to repair vista for windows service pack 2 to be installed.Have a go !!!


win xp manager with another program for tuning your pc up. With keygen. I personally donít recommend using this with Tune Up which I think is great. But try winxp manager on itís own and see how it works.


Windows 7 Manager 1.2.2 x86-x64 with keymaker.zipSame program as for Windows XP but for Windows 7, again try this and then compare it with Tune Up to see which you prefer or is better. All free !!!


Windows XP PRO Repair vversion 4with Serial number††† This program should be good if you have broken your windows xp pro, it should fix it but havenít tried it myself,†† Try it before you have to suffer to re-install windows. It is free and full


Stellar dbx converternot tried this myself but if you need to what have you got to lose?


SiSoft Sandra Pro 2010 with serial For Benchmarking your PCís performance and finding out what is inside your pc, parts and other stuff


Typing Master Pro v7.0.1.763


Talks v3.6.3 for mobile phone To make your phone talk


Virtual DJ 5.2 pro

With readme file


Revo UninstallerVery good indeed.!!! 5 starsinstall this program for the use of uninstalling Tune Up Utilities before installing new version of tune up and then use Revo to uninstall which ever program you wish to remove as Revo really works and clears all the connecting rubbish with the program concerned like tune up utilities and all itís registry keys,brilliant program but before installing Revo read instructions. Thanks






Please where possible if you can support the developers of these magnificent programs.!!!!

Most of all enjoy using them.