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Here we will find some brilliant, No Superb, or even just wonderful books by various Aurthors.  I am not categorising ,   them just listing them as best in alphabetical order, with comments.  Let’s hope you enjoy this new and valuable page on my ever expanding journey. 


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Alan Garner -  The Weirdstone of Brisingamen


Alastair MacLean - Where Eagles Dare   Terriffic read or listen  and superbly read


Alistair MacLean Force 10 From Navarone  Defo worth a read fab


Catherine Cookson - THE WINGLESS BIRD Fantastic and a great portrayal of those times. Brilliant.


Daphne du Maurier Jamaica Inn Absolutely fantastic, once you start the book you won’t want to leave it, even to make a cup of tea. It is a CRACKER


Gerald Seymour – The Killing Ground  Brilliant read


Jilly Cooper – Prudence  This is a terrific read, just great reading


J R R Tolkein


J R R Tolkein - The Hobbit Just superb, a fantastic read, of pure make believe!! The Lord of the rings Trilogy will also be here soon. Just simply magical.



Maisie Mosco


Maisie Mosco - New beginnings Like all of Maisie Mosco’s books, gripping, and fabulous reading.


maisie mosco - the price of fame Good stuff and totally gripping.


Maisie Mosco - The Scatterd Seed Just carry on reading and enjoying!


Maisie Mosco - The Waiting Game This is Fabulous gripping and very moving


Nelson Demille - The Lions Game books 1 and 2 This is a fantastic read, it might take a bit of time to get into it but hang on in there you will probably take another read it is that good. 


Wilbur Smith


Wilbur Smith – Hungry as the Sea  Brilliant


Wilbur Smith Sound of Thunder I may have read this cant remember but I think it is a cracker.


Wilbur Smith – The Eye of the Tigre  This is just fantastic, the descriptive writing, just makes you feel you are there. Adventure, love, violence of a nature, friendship, love and “\betrayal”?? survival and success.  Just a Fab, Fab book.  Worth reading over and over again.


Wilbur Smith The Leopard Hunts in Darkness Don’t think I have read it yet


Wilbur Smith The Seventh Scroll Not read it


Wilbur Smith Warlock Not read this yet


Wilbur Smith When The Lion Feeds not read this as of yet.


Wilbur Smith - Cry Wolf


Wilbur Smith - Shout at the Devil 1 to 72


Wilbur Smith - The Angels Weep


More coming soon


Don’t forget folks, SUPPORT THE AUTHORS where possible.!!!


I hope this page will be as enjoyable as the rest of my wonderings or at least on a parr!!!.


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