Well here we have some great pics of a very great day, and it is indeed a great privilege to be asked to be God Father to little Amelia Mary Stott, by her dad ‘D.J.’ and Sarah, Amelia’s mum.


The Baptism took place on Sunday the 2nd August 2009 at St. Peter’s Church in Barnburgh.


A whole host of great folk turned up for this day and a super day it was too. The Bear accompanied by ‘Mr T’ and trusty friends ended up the worse for where!!! And here we go with some pics taken throughout proceedings!!


First off we will Start with mum, dad and Amelia, and a gathering of folk in the church.

‘D.J.’, Sarah, Amelia and gathering


Next we have DJ, Sarah and Amelia.

’D.J.’, Sarah and Amelia


Next a lovely young lady, Miss M. Brown holding Amelia

Miss M.B. and Amelia


Last but not least for now,

The Bear, ‘Mr. T’ and Amelia


More soon ...

Come back soon to follow Amelia’s progress. 


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