Home made albums, which have been compiled by the bear forvarious folk!!


Great Tunes,†††††† Wow well this lot has a fantastic array of tunes, some Just mind blowingly terrific, some just well, okay, Some will think just rubbish, however I being the host of this great selection think it is a must for all.There are the tunes to rock your socks off to, some slow, for reflection, some just to unwind to, and fabulous the WHO? Quite, Leona Lewis is however in this collection and who knows I will add more when I have the inspiration to put them here.

I will also place a text file with what is in the download so you can read and see whether or not it is worth your time.The Bear says it is defo worth your time who ever and where ever you are in the world there will be something for everyone.Give it a try and donít forget as usual support the artists when and wherever possible.

Track listing for Great Tunes above


Itís a Cracker Vol 2 - Various Artists Thanks to Alison great tunes, vol 1 might appear here soon.


More coming soon


Hold on to your hats for some more trific stuff.Donít forget to support the Artists where possible.




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